Netiquette – Free Singles Chat for Online Dating.

Online dating and chat is popular but many people are not totally sure of how they should behave when they chat. Chat is considered a different medium,Netiquette - Free Singles Chat for Online Dating. Articles many of our common social rules apply to chat although there can be some intriguing differences.

Chat 1 – Act polite. Alot of people abuse this faceless medium and presume that it is acceptable to behave badly or ask impertinent questions.  It is’nt ok.  Just as in life, you will find people who like it but most will not.  The one good aspect though is that by behaving in such a way you might just save someone the time in discovering that you are a jerk 🙂

Chat 2 – Respond to the questions. Be certain  to read online dating correspondence – answer each question and be concise and straight to the issue.  Long rambling answers can be tiring however it is necessary to let your personality shine through.

Chat 3 – Spelling, Grammar, dont forget punctuation.Spelling is very important unless you want to come across as a high school dropout however good grammar and punctuation is slightly less important than it is in daily correspondence. There are many short ways of saying things online so it makes sense to use them – for example – did you know the meaning LOL means “laughs outloud”.  Its a fun way to let your online dating chat friend know that you are having a joking with them.

Chat 4 – Lets get Personal.No-body wants to be treated just as a number so be sure that you do’nt simply copy and paste chat from one window to the next.  You will get found out!

Chat 5 – DO NOT SHOUT!Did you realise that on the internet CAPITAL LETTERS MEAN YOU ARE SHOUTING!!  Stay away from the online headaches and keep to the correct sentence case when you chat.